Goddess Braids:

Goddess Braids are an extraordinary African hair braiding style that looks ultra-feminine, beautiful and lavish. To set yourself apart from the rest, to turn heads and be praised wherever you go, choose the Goddess Braid. You won’t be disappointed with the Goddess Braid. It is one of those style that every ethnic woman should try at least once in their life. Once you do, you’ll keep coming back. It is a modern hairstyle that has been inspired by mythological goddesses.The Goddess Braid, in its most basic form, is similar in appearance to oversized cornrows. Like cornrows, they are braided close to the scalp with either natural hair or with the use of extensions. They also lie on top of the scalp and tend to be styled in a crown braid with a part in the middle leading towards the back of the head. The Goddess Braid is particularly popular among women coming out of relaxed hair. It is somewhat of an easy style that also has a unique chic appearance to it that sets it apart from the rest. It allows women to look fashionable while doing their day-to-day activities.